Safety Guidelines for In-Person Classes During the Pandemic

We are offering families a choice of either in-person or online instruction. Learn more about the two formats.

In-person classes have strict enrollment caps so we can provide proper social distancing. If we have to go back to a phase that does not permit in-person classes, all students will have access to the online version of their classes.

If you choose to enroll in our in-person classes, these are the safety measures we are implementing:


  1. Everyone entering the premises is required to wear masks. Dancers and teachers will be required to wear masks in the studio classrooms. See this article about dancing in a face mask.
  2. Dancers will enter through the front door and exit through the side door, when possible.
  3. Dancers are to use sanitizing gel when entering and exiting the building and the studios. There are sanitizing stations by each studio and one in the front office area.
  4. When arriving for class, dancers will line up, socially distanced. Hallways are marked off in 6-foot intervals. We are minimizing hallway congestion by only scheduling two classes at the same time. Please be prompt.

In Class

  1. Teachers will control entrances into each studio classroom and will take dancers’ temperatures. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted in class. Parents, we recommend you take your child’s temperature before coming to the studio. If they are not feeling well, please keep them home. Students who are not well, may attend class online via Zoom.
  2. Individual baskets will be provided in each studio for dancers’ belongings. The baskets will be sanitized between classes.
  3. Studios (barres and floors) will be marked for social distancing (6 feet). Each student will have their own marked space in which to dance.
  4. Dancers must bring water bottles; the drinking fountain will be turned off. Teachers will give frequent water breaks. If a dancer feels lightheaded, they should sit down and may remove their mask for a short time to get fresh air.
  5. In our pre-school level classes, dancers will be provided with their own props that will be bagged and marked for their individual use each week.

Cleaning Measures

  1. Barres, doorknobs and baskets will be disinfected between classes. For classes that involve floor work (Modern and Jazz), the floors will be disinfected between classes.
  2. Bathrooms will be available and cleaned regularly by staff. Cleaning materials will be available in each bathroom, and we are asking our higher-level dancers to help by cleaning knobs, seats and handles when they leave bathrooms, if possible.
  3. We have installed better air filters to help with air quality throughout the studio.


  1. When leaving the studio, dancers are to disinfect their hands with sanitizer.
  2. When exiting studio classrooms, dancers are to maintain social distancing. Teachers or class helpers will assist with releasing the younger students. Dancers will exit through the side door, when possible.
  3. If a dancer has to wait for their parent to pick them up, they are to social distance in the waiting area.

Everyone at McDonald Dance is doing the best we can to meet all the qualifications and guidelines to ensure the safety of all our students, families and staff. We thank you for helping to support us during this unprecedented time. If we all work together, we will get through this.