Recital 2022

Welcome to our Day of Dance!
Recital is an opportunity for each of our dancers to perform for their family and friends. This year’s Day of Dance recital performance will take place May 13, 14 and 15, 2022 at Barrington High School, 616 West Main St., Barrington

Rehearsal and Performance Schedules:

Review the schedule to determine rehearsal time and performance time. All rehearsals and performances take place at Barrington High School, 616 West Main St. in Barrington.

“Rule of One” for Rehearsal:

Only one adult per dancer will be permitted in the theater during rehearsal.

NO SIBLINGS (including dancers) are allowed in the theater during rehearsals. Siblings who are rehearsing on the same day may report to a monitored waiting area in the dressing rooms until their scheduled rehearsal time.

Please make babysitting arrangements for your other children.

Keeping on Time at Rehearsal:

We try to stay on schedule, but due to the nature of the rehearsal and unforeseen challenges, we may be thrown off schedule. You can help by making sure you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled rehearsal time. We appreciate your patience – it pays off at the show!

Video/Photography Guidelines for Rehearsal and the Performance:

Video recording (camera or cell phone) and flash photography are NOT permitted during any shows at the Recital. DVDs will be available for purchase. You may record the rehearsal; however, flash is never permitted.

Recital DVDs: Order ahead of time

Order a DVD of Recital – download the order form.
The DVDs of the show are produced by a professional videographer who does an amazing job and has been with us for years. DVDs will be mailed to your home.

Tickets:  Go on sale 9 a.m., Wednesday, March 30.

Tickets are $16, plus the processing and handling.

Tickets will be available for purchase online through TutuTix beginning at 9 a.m., Wednesday, March 30.

There is a limit of 5 tickets per family, per show.  Due to school regulations, a seat must be left empty between groups. Any unsold tickets as of April 20,  may be purchased on line through TutuTix.

Ticket prices increase  on May 13th to $19, plus fees and handling. Any tickets left will be available for purchase online or at the theatre door through a QR code.  No cash payments will be allowed.

CLICK HERE to learn how to order your tickets through TutuTix.


Dancers will receive their costumes in their classes starting the week of April 18th.

Teachers will explain how the costume is to be worn and hair done. Dancers in ballet will need clean pink tights and ballet slippers.  Jazz, Modern,Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary dancers will be given instructions from their teachers as to what else they need to wear. To receive a costume, accounts must be in good standing and outstanding balances must be paid in full.

When you receive the costume:

  1. The teachers will explain how their costume and hair is to be worn for recital.
  2. Take inventory to make sure all pieces are there and keep them out of reach from your child. We cannot order any other costumes or accessories at this last of date.
  3. Try on the costume as soon as you get it to make sure it fits. Even though we take measurements, the costumes sometimes run small or large. If there is a problem with the costume’s fit, let the teacher or office know ASAP.
  4. Do not allow you child to play in their costumes.

Picture Day, Sunday May 1st:

Picture Day is Sunday, May 1st, and will be held at the Studio.

Picture Day is an opportunity to have professional photos of your dancer in costume.   Preorder your photos and book on line at Memory Makers. We felt that last year having families pick their own time slot worked out great. Individual or or group photos can be scheduled through Memory Makers. We will not be doing class photos, but if you want to create a group you may do so in a time slot.

Dancers should arrive in their costumes. If you are doing more than one photo slot please allow enough time in between slots for your child to change into their other costumes. The photographers do not allow parents in the studio with their child. Please make your child aware of this. If this will distress your child, please feel free to skip Picture Day.

Information on how to sign up and pay for and individual photo will be sent out via Constant Contact in March.