Class Descriptions

All our classes are divided into different levels, which are based on a student’s ability.  We believe that it is important for a student to be placed appropriately so they may get the most out of a class.  Placement is done by the instructor.  New students should take our placement class so the instructor may evaluate them properly.  See placement class information.


Ballet is the basis for all dance forms.  It teaches the strong foundation and terminology that is needed by all dancers.  It is danced to classical music.  Our curriculum is based on the Cecchetti technique.  Ballet slippers are worn on the feet. See also 1/2 Ballet-1/2 Tap

Pointe is an extended form of ballet. A student must reach a certain age and level before they are ready for pointe based on a list of criteria determined by our instructors. Pointe shoes are required and must be approved by the instructor. Two ballet classes a week are required to build strength in the legs, torso and ankles. All pointe students must have prior approval of the studio’s director.

Pre-Ballet with Tap is a program designed for students ages 3 – 7 years.  This program takes the basics of ballet technique and through the use of props and imagination, gives the children a fun and educational class.  Large motor skills are highlighted as well as stimulating the brain’s coordination.  All of our Pre-Ballet classes end with tap, where rhythms and smaller motor skill are emphasized.  Patent leather tap shoes are worn.  Children must be 3 years old by the beginning of the semester.

½ Ballet, ½ Tap is our higher level Pre-Ballet Program.  Each student receives a full ½ hour of ballet and a full ½ hour of tap. This class if offered for students age 5 – 7 years old.

Special Stars Dance focuses on teaching basic movement of dance while accommodating students with special needs. All ages and abilities experience the mental and physical benefits of dance. McDonald Dance Academy has paired up their instructors with certified special education teachers along with dance buddies for this class.

Peanutcracker is a 5-week class for boys and girls ages 4-8 years old. Students create their own version of the “Nutcracker Ballet.” They will learn dances, and create sets and costumes. The class ends with an in-house performance. Students will find out their parts and will only have to attend their dance times within the given time slots.

Jump into Jazz is for the children age 5-7 years old. It is an 8-week class that gives the young dancer a taste of Jazz.

Jazz is a more funky form of dance.  The body is used in many different ways and is not a restricted as in ballet.  Jazz is danced to more popular music.  Jazz shoes are used instead of ballet slippers.  Students must be 7 years old by the beginning of the semester to register for Pre-Jazz.

Hip Hop is the style of dance often seen in the music videos on MTV.  While jazz dance is heavily incorporated, pedestrian movements are stylized and included in combinations that are performed to upbeat music.  Jazz experience is strongly recommended.  This class is offered for students age 8 and older.<./p>

Modern is based off ballet but is not as funky as Jazz or Hip Hop.  Modern uses a greater range of body movements by the use of energy, breath phrasing, fall and rebound, contraction and release.  Humphrey-Limon, Cunningham, Hawkins, and Release are among the techniques used.  Improvisation is integrated into this class as well.  Modern dance is wonderful for finding a dancer’s center placement and strength.  Various forms of music are used.  Modern is done in bare feet.

Tap is a form of dance that deals with rhythms of the feet.  Many types of music are used.  Jazz tap shoes are required for Level 1 and higher. See also 1/2 Ballet-1/2 Tap

Core Strength is an exercise class designed to work on core strength and flexibility through stretching. This class will tone and strengthen all muscle groups. Wear yoga pants or comfortable dance attire.