Fall classes start Saturday, August 27....Registration begins Monday, August 8!

Welcome and Policies

McDonald Dance Academy offers classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern and tap, plus various workshops during the year. Because a dancer needs a strong foundation, Linda McDonald and her staff, all of whom have degrees in dance or have danced professionally, stress proficient use of dance terminology and an understanding of theory, as well as encouraging participation in workshops and public performances. As a result, many McDonald Dance Academy students have won scholarships from Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, and performed in both Joffrey Ballet and Schaumburg’s productions of the “Nutcracker.” Many of our dancers are also very involved in their HighSchool Orchesis programs and dance teams.

Believing it is important for students to be exposed to many different styles of teaching, Linda McDonald invites many guest teachers and choreographers from several prestigious companies in the Chicago area.

The Arlington Dance Ensemble

Store Front for McDonald Dance Academy of Arlington Heights, ILThe Arlington Dance Ensemble, which is composed of local dancers ranging in ages from 10-18, is associated with McDonald Dance Academy. The purpose of the Ensemble is to provide dancers an opportunity to take what they have learned in the classroom and perform it in the area. Each year the Arlington Dance Ensemble presents a Winter Gala and they also perform throughout the year in various fundraising concerts. “This is a way for the dancers to use their gift of dance and share it, so others may benefit”, says Linda McDonald, Director. The Arlington Dance Ensemble also performs annually at local functions and many retirement homes.
To learn how you can become an Ensemble member.

For more information about McDonald Dance Academy or the Arlington Dance Ensemble call: (847) 342-1060